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My Duck Story:

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I was in my wheelchair strolling around my neighborhood,when a duck by the park starts to follow me quacking his head off. everywhere I went there he was waddling behind me going quack quack…….. at one point I turn around at (him or her) and said” you can’t do this”. Like don’t you know duck there are laws against quacking. Even  some of the neighbors who were out side were laughing at our little drama. The duck follow me all the way home. When my husband Bill came home from work, I told him about the drama of the  duck.  Bill my husband did not believe me at all about my duck story. Then the next day Bill and I were coming home from shopping and when I was getting out of my van Bill said to me, Kathy there’s your duck. and when I looked at the back of the van there he was quacking away. It was so funny. I then realize that this duck job was to quack  his  little way into my heart announcing that everything is just ducky……. And it was.





Author: clancy119

I am a wife and mother of two grown boys. I am a passionate advocate for disabilities rights. I am a retired Senior Support Analyst for Bank of America. I love to read different quotes, and have a blog called "Quote Me". Words have great meaning to me. I also believe you have to have a positive attitude to get anywhere in life. That's why I have another blog called "Nagative Can =Positive". Hope you enjoy these two blogs

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