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One can say that I am not a person that has a lot of vices in her life, but the one BIG vices I have is a QVC shopping addiction. I love, love, love to shop. One can say that it’s my meditation I love to look at the newest trends in fashion and jewelry . I love how every QVC host are  high energy and spirited people what ever there selling an item. Yes it’s my way  of by passing Prozac  for depression and trading it for bill pay every month.  

When I do watch QVC I will do comparison shopping in that I will go on line and see what Wal-Mart or EBay is selling an item for. In most cases though QVC will only carry items that are not selling at regular retail. That’s how they get you hooked in that nobody else  has it but QVC. 

My need to shop was  actually passed to me by  my grand mother who would always fine interesting and out the ordinary things that nobody ever would have. I loved that about her. I always wanted to know why did you pick this item out or why did you like this particular color grand mom. She would say to me: this vase will be a collector piece when I am gone some day. My grand mother would also buy things even when she really did not need them for example, She once bought a twenty piece sliver where set from QVC when she never really did any  big dinner parties. My mother would say to her “ YOU REALLY DON’T NEED THIS” My grand mother would promptly say you will have it when I am gone and you will be happy that you have it. You will then  pass it along to someone in the family. Well it got passed down to me…… I guess I am the lucky. J Even on my grand mother death bed I kid you not she was watching and buying off of QVC ( NO LIE) 

So in truth whether  my QVC shopping addiction gene was passed on to me or whether It was taught to me. I feel must carry on with the tradition and my grand mothers spirit alive by  buying The Today’s Special Value On QVC whether I need it or not just so I can pass off the shopping gene to my new grand daughter to be.


Author: clancy119

I am a wife and mother of two grown boys. I am a passionate advocate for disabilities rights. I am a retired Senior Support Analyst for Bank of America. I love to read different quotes, and have a blog called "Quote Me". Words have great meaning to me. I also believe you have to have a positive attitude to get anywhere in life. That's why I have another blog called "Nagative Can =Positive". Hope you enjoy these two blogs

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