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WHAT IS YOGA? An instant realization sees endless time. Endless time is as one moment. When one comprehends the endless moment He realizes the person who is seeing it. ~ ZEN

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Yoga for people with disabilities is one amazing video. We need something like this program in our country and around the world. It’s just not about medical science making people well. It’s about the mind , body , and spirit connection. Yoga for people with disabilities is saying yes this disability is here to stay so why not dance , feel, and breath with it and make the connection with your body to making it better. Medical science can only go so far. Your body has to do the rest. People with disabilities along with the people that support them need to stand behind something like this amazing yoga program to make it happen in his or her community. I know I am going to take the challenge and look into this type of programming and bring it here to the little old state of Delaware. wish me luck


Author: clancy119

I am a wife and mother of two grown boys. I am a passionate advocate for disabilities rights. I am a retired Senior Support Analyst for Bank of America. I love to read different quotes, and have a blog called "Quote Me". Words have great meaning to me. I also believe you have to have a positive attitude to get anywhere in life. That's why I have another blog called "Nagative Can =Positive". Hope you enjoy these two blogs

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