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This is a picture of the first radio-guided se...

This is a picture of the first radio-guided sentinel lymph node biopsy using real-time imaging by means of a portable gamma camera (Sentinella) in a patient with colon cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


About seven years ago my poor husband had to go into the emergency  room. He was having very bad pains in his stomach, But this was a lead up to continuing issues with his stomach which he been having problems for I say a good five years prior to what was really going on when the correct diagnosis was finally made in the emergency room.
When we went into the hospital The attending physician was listening very carefully for any bowel or stomach sounds in my husband Bill stomach. Not a sound to be heard. The physician kept  listing and kept listening , but nothing was heard. The doctor then said; Mr. McCool I think you have a major blockage going on somewhere in your colon and we need to run some test to see what the issue is.  Well it was indeed a blockage and they feared he had colon cancer. They then prep him for surgery for the next morning Needless to say it was a  very scary thing for both of us to go though.
The following  morning Bill went into surgery fairly early. They said it would take about 4-5 hours to complete depending on what was going on. Well the waiting seemed like days and not a few hours. Finally the doctor came out and had said that he took about a third of Bill colon out. He then said that he believed he did have colon cancer , but would not really know until the biopsy results came back. The doctor said he would not get the results from the biopsy for another four weeks.
Bill was in the hospital for about a week and a half and while he was in there he was feeling pretty bad and awful about the whole situation as would anyone going though the that  ordeal.
One day while I was on my way to the hospital A wired thought popped in my head. I thought gee Bill doesn’t have a colon he has a Simi colon. I was so amuse at this crazy funny thought I laughed all the way to the hospital.
When I got into Bill’s room there was a doctor and nurse attending to Bill.  I thought I would let him in on my humorous thought . I thought he get a laugh out of it. Wrong….. I  proceeded to tell him  in  question form: I said: Bill  do you think you have a colon or a semi colon? Well right there and then Bill looked up at me he then said have you lost your mind women. He did not think my colon joke was funny at all. He said “ Kathy that is not funny at all”. Well the doctor and nurse who were in the room with us was trying so hard not to laugh out loud so as not to make Bill more upset by how bad he was feeling about the  situation. The doctor and nurse said to me can we have a word with you Mrs. McCool. I said yes. I went out of the room and the doctor and nurse were laughing so hard they could not stop laughing. They said it was the funniest thing they ever heard. They said given the situation your husband and you are in you have every right to be very upset. The doctor said your husband will later think it was funny I can bet you on it. The doctor said you know laughter is the best medicine  You made my day Mrs. McCool. I said thank you doc.
Well the four weeks went by waiting for the results of Bill’s biopsy. Bill felt better and was beginning to feel like his old self again. We went in to the surgeon office to find out the results. And the surgeon proceeded to tell Bill and I that he ran Bills test results four times because he could not believe that his results came back negative. Bill did not have cancer He had diverticulitis that over the years got so bad it caused a blockage in his colon. And then the doctor looked at me very serious faced and said not a semi colon Kathy.  I busted out laughing along with Bill and the doctor. Bill was going to be ok from that point on.
Peace 🙂


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