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Catholic guilt what it can do to a sister.

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Barbara Billingsley

Barbara Billingsley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My two sister’s (Karen and Patty) and I grew up in the The 60’s and 70’s generation where parents if they wanted there children to do something as in daily chores would put a guilt trip on them. Not only would they put a guilt trip on them,  The guilt  would be ten time worse if the kids were brought up catholic. I bet those of you, and you know who you are  🙂 can really relate to this little well known fact.

My mom God rest her soul was the most sweetest and kindness of all motherhood put together. My mom was the kind of mother  who would bake cookies, and sew all of our clothes, and tend house all the wile maintaining  a full time job. My mom was known as the  June Cleaver of  Woodland Park .

 My mom who was brought up Methodist had  married my dad who was Catholic. My mom  had to sign a paper to the catholic church promising that the children would be brought up catholic Mom even went as far as converting to CatholicismWikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Karen , Patty and I had certain chores to do doing the week including weekends such as: cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, and running the vacuum. Now as kids will do we would at times try to prolong our task of chores for as long as we could. After my mom numerous amounts of nagging she would then come to us and say: “If you girls do not do you chores I am going to go outside and eat worms.” Mom would also use this tactic when we would not agree with her on a particular issue..

Karen  my middle sister would be totally freak out my this statement that Karen would look out the bed room window to see if our mom was actually going to go though with eating worms Worms. When we were in our teens my sister Karen decided to put my mom’s money where her month was. It all happen one night when we were talking about something or other of which us girls did not agree with. all three of us said mom that’s ridiculous what you are saying. Mom then said her  ever familiar  line: “OK I AM GOING OUTSIDE TO EAT WORMS” Well right there and then Karen proceeds to open up the back door and said  “ok mom go ahead  do it. Go out side and eat your worms”. OMG I never ever laughed  so hard in my life. I thought I would pee myself . I thought how brilliant of  Karen to challenge my mom to that kind of move.

My mom then went up stairs with her dignity in hand  to our living room and said: “ I can not believe you girls would do  that kind of thing to your mother” From that point on we never really hard that statement again. My mom instead resumed her duties  as a good mom with baking cookies sewing our clothes and seeing to it that we grew up  into good young strong women.





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