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Cutie With Down Syndrome Gets Major Modeling Gig & It’s a Win for All Kids

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It’s no surprise that the 10-month-old model chosen to grace the cover of a U.S. catalogue for Spanish swimwear designer Dolores Cortes’new collection is adorable. But littleValentina Guerrero has scored a major coup. She’s the first child with Down syndrome to win the job as the main model for a high-end designer’s marketing campaign!

The little beauty is now the official face of Cortes’ DC Kids line, and she had her first runway show in her native Miami last week. It’s being hailed far and wide as a big thing for people with Down syndrome, and it is. But I can’t help thinking Valentina’s triumph is a biggie forall kids.

By featuring a little girl who is “different” as their main model, the fashion house has decided to show kids all over the United States that it’s OK to be who you are. Whether that means having Down syndrome or some other birth defect, whether that means being skinny or plump, whatever. Even the fashion world is starting to come around to the notion that the definition of what is beautiful is fluid.

And our kids can help keep them moving in the right direction. Here Valentina is, just 10 months old and already making a mark on the fashion world. She’s broken down a door no one else before her could. It’s a “good things come in small packages” kind of message if there ever was one.

It’s not easy being a kid and facing a world where you see people doing things wrong and you’re powerless to change it. But maybe our kids aren’t powerless. If little Valentina can bring acceptance for thousands of kids in the tough world of high fashion, the sky is the limit!Image



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