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DId you know that the first people to go to the gas chambers were people with disabilities. The Nazi persecution of persons with disabilities in Germany was one component of radical public health policies aimed at excluding hereditarily “unfit” Germans from the national community. These strategies began with forced sterilization and escalated toward mass murder. The most extreme measure, the Euthanasia Program, was in itself a rehearsal for Nazi Germany’s broader genocidal policies.

As I think about the recent news in the last year of the kids who were Sexually abuse by Jerry Sandusky at Penn State. It seems it’s always the most Vulnerable that get’s abuse. We as a country seem to become Desensitized and say” oh it’s not my problem:, When in fact it is. It starts off as little incident and gets full blown into a sad nightmare for the victim.

Please do not shut your eyes and denie what going on in front of your eyes. Even if it’s a little thing Just speak up and help out where one can.


Author: clancy119

I am a wife and mother of two grown boys. I am a passionate advocate for disabilities rights. I am a retired Senior Support Analyst for Bank of America. I love to read different quotes, and have a blog called "Quote Me". Words have great meaning to me. I also believe you have to have a positive attitude to get anywhere in life. That's why I have another blog called "Nagative Can =Positive". Hope you enjoy these two blogs

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