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Chris Downey: Design with the blind in mind

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What would a city designed for the blind be like? Chris Downey is an architect who went suddenly blind in 2008; he contrasts life in his beloved San Francisco before and after — and shows how the thoughtful designs that enhance his life now might actually make everyone’s life better, sighted or not.


Chris Downey is an architect who lost his sight and gained a new way of seeing the world.


The power of vulnerability

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Another grate talk from TED. Leaning into ones discomfort Willing to do something that may or may not work out. Willing to feel the pain before eating the peanut butter is all part of feeling better within ourselves.

We are so numb anymore because we as a whole don’t want to feel pain So we either use drugs, blame others, or go into debt just to name a few issues in order to numb the pain.

What people don’t see is that vulnerability shame and fear are good things. That’s it ok to feel those things. We just have to be bold enough to say( I am enough), and be more authentic with people and step out of that numbing zone and feel more. and when your able to do that it brings more courage, compassion and connection into your life. You are worthy………… Make it happend


Growing up with a Disabled Sibling

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I have two sister’s Karen and Patty. I know it must of been hard living with there older sister ( ME) that had a disability. Wished there was a support group when they were growing up. Though both of our parents have passed away we get along great, I know that they both think about what will happen to me down the road if  I  ever need more support.   We as a family never brought those  kinds of things up. Unless there were unknown conversations that I did not know about. Looking back we as a family unit should have talked about those things. But again back in the 60’s and 70′ It was just not talked about. 😦