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Do you pay it forward?

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Random acts of kindness,
first we offer to our family.
Can we feed starving kids
in Africa while letting
someone we love go without?

Charity must begin with
intention stemming
from a loving heart.
Are we thoughtful,
generous, kind to each
with whom we interact?
Our thoughts, words,
actions must be charitable
at all times. We do not
need others to approve
our actions. Be silent,
discreet in your giving.

C are, open your heart
H elp yourself by helping others
A llow the person their dignity
R each out to those in need
I nvest in others
E ach day practice charity
T rue charity starts in the heart
Y are your brother’s keeper

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One of my eyes

One of my eyes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Eyes Have It.

When I say I have two boys that’s not quite the truth. Truth be told I have had three  boys . There is Billy  who is my oldest , And the youngest is Danny. The boy in between Billy and Danny was Michael. Michael was a full term  baby, But due to birth complications he suffered a subdural  brain hemorrhage,  lived for  8 weeks, and died. The reason for his death was due to the fact that he was delivered two fast. There was no reason why when I delivered my first boy Billy normally that the second baby would not be ok.

Michael I can say left a profound hole in my heart. I  really wondered how I could walk away from losing a baby and keep functioning as a “normal” person for the rest of my life. Well the answered is you really don’t. But what has got me though such a awful experience was the fact that I had my family, I had another little boy (Billy) to take care of and love, and  I was lucky enough  one year later after Michael had passed away to have another baby ( Danny).Further after Michael had died my husband and I decided to donate each of Michael eyes. The reason why we picked his eyes to donate was due to the fact that Michael had the prettiest blue eyes. Even though he was awake the first two days of his life he would look right at me with those sparkling eyes as if to say “I love you mommy and I will always be around.” Even the nurses in the new born ICU unit would comment what a beautiful baby he is he has such pretty eyes.

Mind you I know every baby is beautiful, but Michael had this soulful look about him when one looked at him. Michael eyes were  truly the windows of the soul.

We were told that although we donated each of Michael’s eyes that they would probably be used for research. About a month after he passed away. We received a letter from the Boston Eye Bank telling us  that each of Michael eyes were  given to not one , but two babies who were born blind. They each were able to be given one of Michael eyes. and said that the gift of sight was now given to two little babies. My husband and I were so happy by that fact that not one, but two babies were given a wonderful gift. Right then and there I knew I could move forward in my life knowing that Michael’s life was not in vain. Michael helped make a big big differences in each of those two little babies lives.  It really is true the eyes are the window of the soul.


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
- Helen Keller

I thought I would be short and sweet today with my  blogging. I love the above quote.   This quote has pulled me though when I needed  faith the most in dealing with my disability. I hope you enjoy and take from it what you will.

Peace and light,

Kathy 🙂

National Junior Disability Championships

National Junior Disability Championships (Photo credit: Wikipedia)