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Change can be good

547968_418837691492267_1191758183_nI been rather plaque and disturbed by the fact that within my own peer group ( people with disabilities) do not always supported one another views on certain issues. Of course everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but when you go astray from a group opinion nobody will even consider another opinion that might be a middle of the road opinion.   If your not either on the far right or the far left you get put down for being in the middle. My dad  alway said (“Kathy you got to see all sides of an issue before making any kind of an opinion and that sometimes being in the middle of that opinion is a good thing because it let’s all sides get a little bit of what they want”.) My dad’s was right on point when he gave me that advice, because with anything new you have to imbrace that new idea and see to it that that idea is developed and fine tuned to where it’s not such a scary and fearful idea. Change is not always easy for anyone, but you got to look at the bigger picture at hand and see things though. At times I feel that the disability community is so angry about advocating for there rights that it almost becomes there religion to be angry and mean spirited that they really can’t see the forest for the trees they actually get stuck in there thinking. Sometimes the para-dime has to shift so that other good things can come around the bend. That’s how I want to  rock and roll.